Studying Monopoly – the chance for victory

MonopolyThe game “Monopoly” does not need extra ideas: it was played by approximately every seventh inhabitant of the planet, and almost everyone heard about it in our country. This is the most popular board game in the world.

“Monopoly” is a game of luck, strategy, and ability to communicate with people. No strategy guarantees a winning monopoly; this is one of the reasons why Monopoly is so interesting. In any game, a beginner can beat the permanent champion. However, several strategic tips have been obtained from computer simulations. They will help you make the best use of the odds: you may not win a single game, but you will be ahead of everyone in the long run. However, try to imagine what your rivals want, and try to make a deal with them that will be beneficial to both of you. This type of business management is necessary for “Monopoly”, just like in real life.

Game History

There is information that the Landowners game, patented in 1903 by Elizabeth Maggie, which was never published, became the prototype. According to the official version, the “Monopoly” was invented by Charles Darrow during the Great Depression. For the first time he tried it with his wife – the playing field was laid out right on the tablecloth. A fun competition for buying real estate from each other carried away for the whole evening. After the idea was appreciated by the friends of the couple. So, the thought came of mass production of the game.

In 1934, Darrow tried to publish Monopoly through Parker Brothers but was refused. Then Charles turned to a friend for help, and together they began to sell home-made copies. After the sale of five thousand copies, Darrow ceased to cope with the volume of orders and again turned to Parkers. This time, the company, which realized the lost profit, took up the publisher of the game. Already in 1936, Monopoly earned the laurels of the best seller and best-selling game in the United States.

Today, the famous economic board game still attracts the attention of connoisseurs of smart games. The patent for its production belongs to Hasbro. Not only classic versions are issued, but also collectible thematic publications and children’s copies. More recently, Monopoly celebrated its 80th anniversary, in honor of which a special edition was issued.

How to play Monopoly?

“Monopoly” is a playing field consisting of squares. When the player has a turn to walk, then by throwing a dice he/she determines how many steps he must take.

At the beginning of the game, each player receives a certain amount of money. If you find yourself in a plot of real estate that is not owned by anyone yet, then you can buy this property from a bank. If you decide not to buy it, then it can be sold at auction to another player who has offered the highest price for it.

Real estate players may charge rent to players who enter their property. In the construction of houses and hotels, rents increase significantly.

During the game, you should also follow the instructions written on the cards “Public Treasury” and “Chance monopoly“. There is also a parking place monopoly zone in the field where the game takes place. For, become the leader of this game, you should realize the main odds of winning. 

How to win at Monopoly?

Many research papers have been devoted to developing winning strategies and best properties in monopoly. There are several rules, observing which you can increase your monopoly chances of winning:

  1. Always buy railways at the beginning and middle of the game. Never buy utilities (plumbing and energy companies).
  2. Buy all the land you can buy. At the beginning of the game, concentrate on gathering the full-color group.
  3. The most profitable groups in the game are those located within 12 cells at the exit from the prison, as they pass through the most often. Mathematically, there is also the least chance of getting to the “short sections” around the starting field. This is worth keeping in mind when trading with other players.
  4. Build 3 houses on your plots – no more and no less. Even if you can afford to build more, don’t do it. And never build hotels unless you own only one site of the same color and it is your last hope.
  5. Stay in prison for as long as possible at the end of the game if the opponent has a monopoly. Movement on the playing field is likely to cause a loss of money. However, at the beginning of the game, pay $ 50, and leave the Prison as early as possible.


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