Evolution Director on Hybrid Gaming, Innovation and Freedom from Amazon

online casino gamesOn February 4, iGaming NEXT published an interview with Evolution’s product director, Todd Haushalter. They spoke with host Pierre Lindh for more than two hours about gambling and other issues. They discussed the future of the gambling industry, in particular the potential of virtual reality, the company’s plans for hybrid games, and the benefits and harms of increased regulation. Read about it, as well as about the best casinos at the link – https://bestnetentcasino.info/en-ca/faq/10-best-quick-hit-slots-to-play-online-for-free.  

Todd does not see virtual reality as the future of gambling The presenter noted that many now see virtual reality as the next big breakthrough in gambling. However, Evolution’s product director expressed a practical point of view. In his opinion, it is expected to predict a transition to virtual reality, but it is unlikely because punters will not be carrying VR helmets, and wearing them in public places. So the technology won’t be able to displace mobile devices. He sees innovation in the way punters will play. For example, he cited gambling through television or gambling in video games as one possibility. When the movement in this direction begins, some companies will lose and others will come out winners. Evolution’s new “hybrid” games and only quality slots will make 2021 the year of hybrid gaming for Evolution. The company will combine the world of live casino and slots. 

Product Director did not go into detail about what this product will be, saying only that the first hybridonline game game will be released in May and it will be very interesting. He sees great opportunities in the direction of such hybrid games. The presenter also noted that Evolution is one of the few developers who doesn’t release a huge number of games and focuses primarily on quality. Whereas NetEnt, which they acquired, started leaning towards a quantitative approach. When asked what strategy will now be used for NetEnt, the director said that NetEnt may have begun to chase the quantity, but he does not like it. He doesn’t think in terms of quantity, and NetEnt will now take the approach used at Evolution. They will only create world-class games. Slots and live games have different life cycles, he said. Slots experience their best moments in the first month after release. Live games, on the contrary, have the worst period. Live games are gradually gaining popularity and remain relevant for a long time. But in the world of slots just a huge number of releases and short life. But even with the oversaturation of the market, great games will break into the top and stay there. 

When asked about the tightening of industry regulation, he said that of course it slows innovation. After all, in order to comply with a host of regulations, companies are spending money they could be investing in product development. But it also holds the industry back from too many new competitors. He joked that strict regulation keeps Google and Amazon from sticking their noses in their field. And that all gambling companies should thank God every night in prayer that their industry is so heavily regulated that it becomes unattractive to Amazon. Todd said he’s not afraid of big-cap startups because live casinos are a very complex field. You can hire people to develop good apps, but there are a lot of other issues that will need to be addressed right on the fly. Finding and training dealers, ensuring fair operations, punters dealing with card counting, calculating the fall of the roulette ball. We need to identify such stunts live, but at the same time not allow too many false accusations, because punters just won’t want to play. Plus we need to identify new ways to cheat that no one knows about yet. Evolution in 2020 bought NetEnt, who had a live casino division. In the past, they also bought out Ezugi, which specialized in live gaming. And after getting a sense of how these companies work, they realized that Evolution spends more per year on risk assessment than a small live casino provider spends on development.

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